Borough of Lehighton Recycling

Message from the Borough

We hope everyone has noticed the changes taking place in the borough. We have been trying diligently to improve the overall appearance of town square, parks and recreation areas. Our hope is to make our residents want to take keep these areas looking great and that visitors to our town will want to come back because of the clean and inviting approves of the change in recycling pick up from bi-weekly to weekly. We have also added the large garbage/recycling containers received through grant money at the Trailhead, Grove and Baer Memorial Parks. New smaller containers have been added to the 6th & Coal soccer field and at the pool, recreation center and Upper Park. The Colonel Jacob Weiss Park has been given a new look and trash/recycle containers have now been placed there to keep the park looking new, fresh and free of debris.

All the containers are clearly marked for trash or recycle. Please use them properly as we put them there for your convenience, to keep our town clean and to also add to our recycle tonnage which adds to the amount we receive in grant money.

Our Garbage and Recycling Ordinance has been updated and a link to the full ordinance is on the Homepage of the website. Please use this link to help answer any questions you might have on what can be put out for garbage and recycling.

PLEASE NOTE: Construction Material is prohibited – filled cans CANNOT weigh more than 50 pounds – Unlimited household garbage means garbage produced in a normal week’s time – a dumpster is required when emptying out a home or garage. If a dumpster is not used for these purposes a citation will be issued.

The Public Works Garage no longer accepts used cooking and motor oil due to the fact that people have been dropping off poisons, pesticides and other chemicals mixed in with the oil. We cannot dispose of this properly so we have discontinued the drop off availability. Please contact DEP to learn how to properly dispose of these items.

Please try to recycle tree branches under 8 inches in diameter and all tree/hedge trimmings by dropping them off at the black dumpster at the Public Works garage during April, May, September and October. This dumpster is available for Yard Waste Recycling ONLY and helps the borough receive more grant money. Do not put leaves in this dumpster as Public Works picks those up curb side. Do not put whole hedges or trees in this dumpster. If it is absolutely impossible to take it to the dumpster then it is permissible to put tied up bundles measuring not more than 3 foot in length out for garbage. Unbundled items of any kind WILL NOT BE TAKEN by the garbage company.

These programs benefit the individual resident and the borough as a whole. Each year the borough is required to file two (2) reports reporting the recycling tonnage for the year which includes the biweekly pick up, leaves and yard waste. The borough then receives monies for the total tonnage from all the programs on a yearly basis.

We hope these changes will be something our residents will embrace. No one likes change but change is necessary and we believe this change will not be difficult as most of us already are used to recycling!



Borough Hall
1 Constitution Avenue
Lehighton, PA 18235

(610) 377.4002

Monday thru Friday
8:30am - 4:30pm

Police Number
(610) 377-4003


Crossing Guards

    The Borough of Lehighton
    is accepting applications for
    for the position of Crossing
    Guards and Substitutes.
    Applications will be accepted
    at the Lehighton Police
    124 South Third St.
    Lehighton, PA 18235
    Applicants are required
    to provide PA Criminal
    Background Check and Child
    Abuse Clearance forms.
    Contact (610)377-4003 with
    questions regarding the position.

2021 Pool Flyer
The 2021 pool flyer is available
    on the Recreation page

2021 Pool Season
For information on the 2021
    Baer Memorial Swimming Pool
    Season. Please visit
    our Recreation page

Local Tax / EIT Forms
    These forms can be found on
    Berkheimer Tax Administrator .

    Lehighton Borough Residents:
    PSD Code is 130203.

    Berheimer EIT Form (.pdf)